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“5 Reasons You Should Never Buy A Variable Annuity”

Breathe in.

Smell that?

It’s the stench of a variable annuity. If you just threw up a little bit in your mouth, I don’t blame you. If you didn’t, you probably don’t know enough about variable annuities.

What’s a variable annuity? It’s a contract between an owner and an issuer whereby the owner agrees to give the issuer principal, and in return, the issuer guarantees the owner variable payments over time.

Sounds innocent enough, but are they? Variable annuities are one of those products of which I can pretty much make a blanket statement and say they’re horrible. “Why are they horrible, Jeff?” I thought you’d never ask. Let me count the ways!  

The 4 PILLARS of a Worry Free Retirement Endgame

Safety of Principal

What good is an investment that might not be there when you need it most at retirement? If peace of mind and quality of life are more important to you and your family than the casino action of Wall Street, then The Retirement Endgame is for you!

Liquidity & Flexibility

You need to be able to access your money in case of unforeseen needs or emergencies prior to retirement. Flexibility with your money is second only to Safety. You maintain maximum Liquidity by NOT losing money!

Participation in Stock Market Gains-- but none of the Losses

We believe in the American system of Capitalism and Entrepreneurship that has made our country great and afforded us all a wonderful lifestyle. So we want you to participate in the growth of the economy over time in the stock market indexes— we just don’t want you to participate in the losses nor gamble with your future. Our strategies give you the growth without the risk!

An Automatic System of Locking in Previous Gains

You need your assets to have sustained growth—not growth followed by continual market declines every five to seven years, and you sure don’t want large losses on your savings right before you retire. The Retirement Endgame avoids that pitfall by locking in your previous gains each year automatically. Relax—you’re protected!

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Author and Founder of The Retirement Endgame, Jerry Whitmire has been in the safe money and income industry since 2005. His experience ranges from retirement planning, insurance, tax savings strategies, income planning, market arbitration, and estate preservation. Jerry has a genuine fiduciary concern for the well being of all clients he sits down with.

Jerry is a native in sunny Arizona where he went to school and graduated with a business management degree and a minor in communication. Jerry played two college sports and was awarded 2-Time all American Honors. He is no stranger to hard work and sacrifice. His competitiveness has carried over from the field and now into his practice with The Retirement Endgame, where he works hard to help eliminate risk from your financial future.